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Real world briefs and commissions

The ability to work on a live brief or commission is invaluable to students. From them students learn how work is scoped in the real world and how to deal with clients, how to respond to briefs, how finance and time constrain a project, and what it feels like to have work used in a live situation.

If you feel you have an interesting brief that could offer students a valuable opportunity to work on something different and real, and have enough time for it to be built into a learning framework why not contact your local University.


The opportunity to experience work in a real-world creative environment is key to improving a student’s employability, and in some sectors central to them securing relevant employment. It develops professional as well as transferable skills, such as communication and initiative, and allows students to apply the theories learnt at university into real work situations.

Placements are only possible if suitable and relevant hosts can be found. If you can offer a creative student a work placement please contact your local university.


Graduate recruitment in the creative disciplines is easy as most students participate in an end of degree show when all of their final year work is available to browse. If you are interested in employing a graduate why not contact you local universities for the dates of their degree shows.

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