Names: Oliver G. McQueen & Manuel E.F. Koloma

Ages: 23 years & 23 years

Business: MyUniSoc Ltd.


Universiy: Aston University (2010) & Aston University (UG)


MyUniSoc is an online designated platform for University Societies, Student Unions and University students that enables them to integrate, collaborate and innovate your ideas. As a result, all students can be better informed through real-time event updates, have the flexibility to follow more societies within their university and nationwide as well as further develop their higher learning skills curtail for any graduate.

Business Aim:

Our main goals are geared up to generating a nurturing environment to all university students. Our emphasis is on creativity, generating and increasing awareness as well as on building long lasting relationships amongst all university student unions and the thousands of societies and sports clubs that they hold.

Business Growth:

Not yet trading but aim to acquire 15 universities in the 1st year of trading.

MyUniSoc Ltd. on how SPEED WM has helped:

As new entrepreneurs, the SPEED WM programme has proved to be invaluable to us in all areas of our business development. With the tailored mentoring, workshops, seminars and network events that it provides, it serves as the right stepping stone for any new ambitious and dedicated entrepreneur.

At a glance...

Company Formation: July 2010

Turnover: Not Yet Trading

Investment: £4000

Number of employees: 2