Names: Mark Groves & Richard Bowler

Ages: 22 & 23

Business: Skrapbook


University: Aston University

Description of the business

Skrapbook is a creative portfolio website for people’s creative work. Whether an artist, photographer or designer, we’ll make sure their talents and efforts receive the notice they deserve. Whether a creative is looking for a job, planning to sell their work or simply wanting to get noticed, we’re here to help. Skrapbook looks to help these people through the use of our website, shop and exhibitions to maximise their exposure and help them achieve what they want. Whether merely egotistical or used to support and enhance brands or interpersonal marketing, Skrapbook looks to help individuals and businesses alike.

At a Glance

Degree: Marketing and Automotive Product Design

Graduated & Founded Skrapbook: 2010

Turn Over: £30,000 estimate (2011)

Business Achievements/Awards

Multiple Bursaries and funds

What we got from SPEED

The SPEED programme which we have been involved with during our final year at university has given us many training sessions in which we could develop our business. These sessions provided us with exactly the right kind of support when operating a start up. We were allocated a specialist mentor with whom we could go through potential ideas and have someone to give us feedback; this was invaluable.

The skills and knowledge gained from SPEED have allowed us to go on to join similar programmes such as the Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network.