Name: Jennifer Schofield

Business: DataDiscretion


Universiy: Aston University (2010)

SPEED WM is a program which provides students with the necessary foundations to start a business. I have enjoyed meeting like minded students through the scheme, which has provided continuous motivation, support and structure.

DataDiscretion is your Key to Security. Our innovative encryption technology keeps your data safe whilst still using an elegantly simple user interface.

In today's networked world, users have no influence over who has access to the data, where the data will be copied to or how old equipment will be disposed of. DataDiscretion's technology allows users to protect their data; now and in future when computers will be far more powerful.

New security standards are continuously developed and declared unbreakable but technology advances at such a rate that they are soon breached. "One-time-pad" is the only technique that can withstand any future attack. The DiscreetKey provides this one-time-pad capability, previously dismissed as impractical, in a convenient, simple to use device.

DataDiscretion uses the metaphor of a ‘key’ understandable to anyone. This "key" enables the user to encrypt documents quickly, simply and reliably. Should a key be lost the customer can make a replacement using their KeyMaker.

The DiscreetKey allows you to encrypt documents on your computer, via the USB port, using ultra-secure "one-time-pad" technology. The simple user interface eliminates possible errors such as forgetting to re-encrypt a document after accessing it.

DataDiscretion’s products require no installation and no passwords. All products provide maximum security, work on any file type and documents can be saved on PC, web, shared networks, etc.

DataDiscretion is your key to security.