Name: Hagen Christoph Mittelstadt

Age: 28


Service: Social Networking Site


University Attended: Bath Spa University

Year Graduated: 2008


The idea for Younilife was born during my second year of university; I had a wish to say what I think of my University and it was finally realised during my Masters in Design for Brand Development at Bath Spa University. I wanted to create a website that puts the students at the core. It started off as a platform allowing students to rate their university (we have every University and University College in the UK registered) and openly say what they think of it – unbiased by Universities and government bodies. Over time new features such as student news, video of the week, hot or not and student accommodation were added in order to expand our services and attract more users.

At a glance....

Started Trading: January 2010

Investment: £20000

Number of Employees: 3-5

Business Start Up Growth:

In September 2010 we will launch our UK wide “Whats on” Guide called “Snoop” – this service allows local businesses to advertise their product and services to the local student population.

We work closely with student radio stations across the UK – which air every week the top 20 student music charts from the Music section on Younilife. This is music made by students themselves, showing off their talent in the charts.

Over the next year (2010/11) we want to become the “Yahoo” of student websites and one of the top student websites in the United Kingdom.

Business Achievements/Awards:

Obtained ad contracts with well known brands such as “Dominos Pizza”.

Our user numbers are increasing steadily; we are getting up to 10000 unique hits a month.

Recently we added our own Accommodation Service – for students and Landlords across the United Kingdom.

We are proud to say that it is probably one of the most advanced Student Accommodation Services available - with picture and video listings as well as geo-tagging via Google Maps.

Younilife on how Make It Happen has helped:

“MIH has provided me access to a whole new “world” of likeminded young entrepreneurs. In addition free support is provided with a business mentor assigned to each individual. One of the most important features MIH provides is the constant supply of relevant information to young entrepreneurs; such as events, information packages and communication with professionals in the industry. MIH provides a user-friendly website combined with a professional and friendly service. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting their own business.”

About the Make It Happen Programme:

Make It Happen (MIH) is a new national programme to support recent and ‘about to become’ graduates setting up in business. It's FREE to take part and is funded by the UK Government and delivered by National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, HSBC and Business Link.