Name: Kau Yuong Ng

Age: 25

Business: Philobook Publishing Ltd

Service: Book Publishing


University Attended: Brunel University

Year Graduated: 2008


Philobook Publishing specialise in the publication of P4C (philosophy 4 children) books for children between the ages of two and eleven, and also have a philosophy for youth (P4Y) range, for young people between the ages of twelve and twenty. The core aim is to introduce the basic principles and ideas of philosophy through graphic illustrations and thought provoking sentences or phases in story books for children, thereby enabling children to learn in a fun way. While enjoying the story, they are also simultaneously gaining philosophical knowledge. Philobook also wish to bring its philosophical messages and stories into third world and developing countries such as Ghana, Ukraine etc and they will engage them with eAnimation and ePublishing through an eBook reader. 

At a glance....

Started Trading: May 2010

Investment: £6k (Approx)

Business Start Up Growth And Aims:

The business was started to aim purely at books for children however in the future the objective is to expand and enable Philobook Publishing Ltd to provide their books to an adult audience too.

Another future aim is to publish all books by Philobook Publishing electronically so they are widely available on devices such as the IPad, Kindle and Tablet which are becoming ever more popular in today’s world.

Business Achievements:

Started up the business and got the website up and running with very little knowledge of the industry.

New books being produced (July 2010)

Philobook Publishing Ltd on how Make It Happen has helped:

“Make It Happen initially inspired me with the idea to become self-employed and to find out what it was all about. The system also has a lot of good resources that helped me in the early stages.”

About the Make It Happen Programme:

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