Name: Leigh Tymms

Age: 26

Business: Remarq Ltd

Service: Green Marketing


University Attended: Bath

Year Graduated: 2006


Chartered Marketer – studied Business Administration at Bath University, winning the marketing award and gaining a keen interest in protecting the environment. Full of ideas and ambition, decided to test his skills as an entrepreneur, in the world of green marketing.

During start-up, environmental qualifications such as AIEMA and the NEEBOSH Diploma in environmental management were undertaken. The unusual combination of marketing and environmental expertise allows a powerful joined up offering to be provided. Remarq helps organisations to deliver a sustainable advantage from their environmental investment - credibly communicating Corporate Social Responsibility, engaging stakeholders and developing offerings with a reduced social and environmental impact.

At a glance....

Started Trading: March 2009

Investment: £12,000 + Time + Support

Employees: Ran as team of contracted specialist consultants

Business Start Up Growth:

Growth has been positive despite a difficult economic climate, gaining a number of clients in areas such as property, solar energy, charity, health, safety and environmental consultancy.

Signed a joint venture agreement with 3 other companies, which provides access to a larger team of specialists and is proving successful in generating business with large corporate clients.

Business Achievements/Awards:

It was mostly getting the fundamentals in place, so we can now really start driving the business forward aggressively.

We have developed green marketing tools which we believe are unique to the UK marketplace and can really help organisations capitalise on the growing trend in the green marketplace.

Maintaining a high quality of service and delivering campaigns with some excellent results, leading to bigger projects and other opportunities.

Remarq Ltd on how Make It Happen has helped:

“Make it happen has provided some really useful tools. It’s a great support mechanism, through the events, networking, interactive website and mentoring - particularly for those that are coming straight from University.”

About the Make It Happen Programme:

Make It Happen (MIH) is a new national programme to support recent and ‘about to become’ graduates setting up in business. It's FREE to take part and is funded by the UK Government and delivered by National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, HSBC and Business Link.