Name: Liam Newton

Age: 23

Business: Aire Sustainability Consultants

Service: Consultancy and training


University Attended: Leeds Metropolitan University

Year Graduated: 2009


Aire Sustainability Consultancy is a new sustainability consultancy and training company based in Yorkshire. Aire Sustainability Consultants believe in changing business for the greater good. They believe that a business can no longer continue to grow without taking into account the true impact of its activities. The aim is to show organisations how to monitor and check the impact of their business and to report their activities honestly and transparently.

Business Start Up Growth:

At a glance....

Started Trading: April 2010

Investment: Proof of concept fund £1000 + Time

Liam’s company has made some big changes since starting in April. Originally only providing advice and training to business’s and construction companies about sustainability, Liam was then asked if he could help out at a local school. He gave a talk and did some group work with the children allowing them to have a go at designing a sustainable city. This has now turned into an additional arm to the business with Liam doing regular work with schools educating the business and construction industry of the future.

Business Achievements/Awards:

£1000 Proof of concept grant from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Aire Sustainability Consultants on how Make It Happen has helped:

“By attending one of the Make It Happen rallies I found out lots about the importance of networking and looking for new opportunities. I also found out about local and national support including the proof on concept fund which has been a great help to get my business off the ground. The event showed me I can do it. After the event I went on and took up support from my University (Leeds Metropolitan University) and online support from my mentor with Make It Happen as well as joining a networking group.”

About the Make It Happen Programme:

Make It Happen (MIH) is a new national programme to support recent and ‘about to become’ graduates setting up in business. It's FREE to take part and is funded by the UK Government and delivered by National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, HSBC and Business Link.