Name: Simon McCann and Nicolas Holzherr

Age: 23

Business: QRky Ltd

Service: Specialising in linking online content to business print


University Attended: Aston University

Year Graduated: 2009


QRky Ltd aims to improve business networking by linking online content to print materials through the use of a Quick Response (QR) Code. QRky Ltd links a personal profiling site to the person’s business card and allows the end user to; automatically store contact details, connect to the owner via social media, and view additional content by scanning the barcode on the business card. The business card owner can update their details via their online QRky profile and this automatically updates the information stored on the business card.

At a glance....

Started Trading: June 2010

Turnover: £1000

Investment: £9500

Number of Employees: 4

Business Start Up Growth:

The idea came initially from the other business that Simon and Nicolas run called Co-Go Coffee when printing advertising on coffee cups.

Looking to build on the potential in the business networking industry with getting more coverage about QRky Ltd

Business Achievements/Awards:

QRky Ltd has received funding from:

Innovation Voucher £3500

Birmingham City Council Feasibility Funding £2500

Striding Out Funding £3500

QRky Ltd has recently launched (2010) its store front and personal profile site

QRky Ltd on how FlyingStart Make It Happen has helped:

“The networking and advice provided at the events proves invaluable as it provides support networks that you can call upon when required. The event held at Aston University introduced us to an entrepreneur incubator called BSEEN and Entrepreneurs For The Future who we are now involved with, as well as information about the bank (HSBC) that would provide us with the finance to help our expansion.”