Name: Nazia kausar

Age: 29

Business: nk home tutoring

Service: education


University Attended: UCLan

Year Graduated: 2002


I completed my BSc Applied Psychology in 2002 then went on to complete my primary PGCE in 2004 and became a qualified teacher in 2006. I have 4 years teaching experience in primary schools in Lancashire, Leicester, West Yorkshire and London. I completed a MA in HRM in 2009 and I have been working part time in this field whilst gathering information to set up Nk Home Tutoring which is going to provide private tutoring for individuals. Once nk Home Tutoring has set up successfully this will become my main venture.

At a glance....

Started Trading: July 2010

nk Home Tutoring on how Make It Happen has helped:

“I have found the support to be invaluable and my mentor Joanne Ross has been extremely helpful with her accessibility and feedback on my business plan. It’s nice to know that I am not alone and that there is a rich source of free information out there for all businesses.”

Will update on:

Business Growth

Business Achievement/Awards

When more established

About the Make It Happen Programme:

Make It Happen (MIH) is a new national programme to support recent and ‘about to become’ graduates setting up in business. It's FREE to take part and is funded by the UK Government and delivered by National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, HSBC and Business Link.