Student: Peter Richards

Business: Alf-Osten Engineering and OS Petersen Ltd

University: University of Wolverhampton

Peter Richards joined EFS as part of the 2009 cohort whilst in his final year studying mechanical engineering.

Ever since he was small, he had always dreamed of running his own car manufacturing business. When starting a degree, most people set themselves a target of completing their degree, Peter set himself the target of starting his own engineering and car manufacturing business before leaving university.

After seeing an advert for the SPEED WM/EFS programme, Peter applied and was surprised to be selected to attend an interview panel. It was during this interview that “I realised how ambitious my business idea was, but luckily the panel members saw my ability, ambition and determination to make a success of the business”.

“From that moment on the dream of starting an engineering and car manufacturing company has been turned into a reality which I could not have done without the help of the SPEED WM and EFS programme.”

Over a 36 week period, Peter received countless hours of business support and advice. His favourite aspect of the programme has been the level of mentoring available. Being able to “talk though relevant issues that my business faces with people that are knowledgeable and that care and understand”.

Peter’s company is now the leading engineering partner for a new motorbike manufacturing company and he has received funding from a business angel to start production of his very first car, the “OS Petersen S2” to be launched later in 2010.