Student: Phil Lynch

Business: Phil Lynch Illustration

University: University of Wolverhampton

When Phil Lynch undertook to study to become an Illustrator, he knew that his only real career option was to be self-employed.

He initially approached the SPEED WM programme for advice and help with the practical side of setting up a business.

He got this assistance but says that “I also found that my mentors, Sarah Taylor and Gary Lennon, encouraged me to think much more creatively about the future and sustainability of my business and how it could develop. SPEED WM mentoring has helped me look at the possibilities and potential of my future business that would help it grow.”

As well as mentoring, training, branding and marketing support, SPEED WM also provided Phil with a bespoke drawing board that specifically met his personal requirements. He commented at the time that “it feels like Christmas felt when I was a little kid”.

Phil adds, “I cannot put into words the help I have received form SPEED WM, and I have progressed at a rate I didn’t expect. I am now much less confused about everything and more focussed and confident in the way forward. I now have a product to go alongside my services and thanks again to SPEED WM I have continued to get help and advice concerning the protection of my ideas. My future looks bigger than it did, and I am learning to recognise opportunities.”