A K Industries (AKI)

Faced with the challenge of a reduced training budget and the need to continuously improve quality and customer satisfaction, Herefordshire-based.

A K Industries (AKI) was delighted to take advantage of funded training through the Telford-based Polymer Cluster project.

AKI are proud of their reputation for new product development and “design for manufacture” capabilities, working with their customers from product concept stage to full production. The company has been providing a special service in technical solutions in plastic injection moulding for the last ten years across a range of market sectors, including shower and bathroom products, and has just over a hundred employees.

“As part of our commitment to maintain and improve quality, we believe in providing our staff with the knowledge and skills they need”, said Mike Sullivan,

AKI’s Personnel Manager. “A new order from a major customer identified areas for development. Just like other SMEs, we are faced with ever-increasing overheads, resulting in very careful consideration and justification being given to expenditure on training. It was therefore very uplifting to have a visit from PTL, the polymer training organisation of Telford, who, through the Polymer Cluster, were able to offer us a fully funded training programme.

AKI collaborated with PTL to devise a training programme to meet the needs of operators for injection moulding techniques. Additionally, a number of non-technical employees attended a course on Injection Moulding Appreciation. “Nine months later, on completion of the full schedule, I can report a completely successful outcome”, Mike Sullivan continued. “Our employees are able to implement their newly acquired expertise to the benefit of both themselves and the company. This has lead to cost savings and better efficiencies.

“I would recommend any company in a similar position to seek guidance on funding and programme availability. At A K Industries we now have the confidence to explore new opportunities in the industry, which will, over time, lead to an increased labour force and profitability.”