Big G - Graham and Sue Renny

Five months after the launch of their Grab-o-saurus, a polypropylene grabbing tool, Polymer Cluster clients Graham and Sue Renny from Herefordshire are delighted with the interest shown in their imaginative new product, now in full production.

Invented by Graham, careful engineering allows the device to collect a range of waste on any ground surface from above, so the operator can remain standing. Lightweight yet robust, Grab-o-saurus can be operated by anyone aged 9 to 90, saving time – and backache!

Graham’s original idea came while he watched Sue picking up horse muck in the paddock – although the product has widespread appeal as a helpmate not just to horse owners but to horticulturalists of all levels.

Original wooden prototypes, developed during the patent process, gave way to plastic mouldings and the Polymer Cluster team at the University of Wolverhampton’s Innovative Product Development Centre were happy to provide expertise with CAD modelling and further prototypes ready for the manufacturer.

Graham and Sue are proud of the Grab-o-saurus. “It’s designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK” says Sue. Patents have already been granted in the UK, Europe and USA and a patent is pending in Hong Kong; indeed, the Renny’s Patent Attorney says the USA patent and trade mark is the fastest turnaround success he’s ever experienced in America!

With a promotional campaign timed as Christmas approaches, online distributors appointed and further interest received from overseas distributors, Graham and Sue are gratified by their achievements. “We wouldn’t have moved forward so quickly without the help and expertise of everyone involved along our two-year path to success”, says Sue. “This includes the Polymer Cluster team, which has been a source of constant enthusiasm and professional help and guidance.”