Client Cuxson & Gerrard

Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd was founded in 1878 and have pioneered many new product developments in the health care industry, earning them a reputation for reliability and Quality, a company set up for the development, manufacture and distribution of health products; there aim is to maintain a position in their market and stay ahead of their competition by creating a platform of affordable products. The innovative new design for a bunion on a foot will incorporate a special ergonomically suitable design that fits under bunions on feet.

Critical Issue

Help with Design and Development of the “Bunion Guard” to help the company produce with it with confidence. Therefore Input on material testing, knowledge of the material blend, rheology data, new CAD and if possible bring the manufacture in-house (UK).

What we did

Cuxson & Gerrard and Polymer Cluster team formed a close working relationship, where we helped with the process of evaluating, testing and the developing of the Bunion Guard via some CAD and some CAE(simulation). This was made possible with the aid of the expertise within Warwick Manufacturing Group support under the Polymer Cluster Programme.


Cuxson & Gerrard is now manufacturing their product and selling them to the market with a greater understanding of the material and a new comfortable design.

More information

Current Status of the Bunion Guard is that the support and development programme has now finished. They have good increasing demand levels and are on sale, but they are not yet manufacturing in-house in the UK, this is the next goal.