Dunn & Cowe Ltd

Brierley Hill

A Brierley Hill manufacturer is about to start production of a device for protection against falls when working at height that is easier, lighter and less cumbersome while retaining safety standards.

Established in 1982, Dunn & Cowe Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer in the fall protection equipment market of anchor devices and other products for fall arrest, fall prevention, work positioning and rescue. Derek Cowe, the Managing Director, has been involved in the design and manufacture of safety products since the late 1960s.

The company’s expertise and philosophy of attention to detail has led to the development of a series of new products over the years, one of which is a horizontal lifeline, which, when fitted to a structure, provides protection against falls from a height. A ‘traveller’ enables the user to connect to the wire and then traverse safely across the roof along the wire without disconnecting.

Dunn & Cowe’s research revealed that customers liked the line anchor system, which is easy to install, but the original ‘traveller’ proved to be bulkier than some competitors’ products. A more compact product was needed and Dunn & Cowe approached the Advanced Engineering Cluster for further help with its design and development. Working closely with the company’s designer, Scott Bennett, the Advanced Engineering Cluster team produced a prototype for testing on the line system.

“We needed to iron out any aspect of the design that needed modification”, says Scott. “Further prototypes were produced for physical testing; the final prototypes cast in the production material passed their trials with flying colours and are going into production.”

“Dunn & Cowe identified they could gain a competitive edge by developing a product that would meet their customers’ needs more closely” says Paul Butler, Advanced Engineering Cluster Champion, “and our team has been delighted to assist”.

Funded by Advantage West Midlands and the European Regional Development Fund, the Advanced Engineering Cluster is a Wolverhampton Telford Technology Corridor project.