Nomique Ltd




Nomique is a small but fast-growing design and manufacturing company producing quality contract furniture. The company’s aim is to bring affordable design to the commercial environment and it is rapidly developing a reputation for superior quality, design, and service. Products are developed by both the company’s in-house team and in conjunction with independent designers.

The brief

The office furniture market is extremely competitive and Nomique intends to continue to develop new products that give the company a competitive edge. Recognising the need to continually improve its design and development process, plus increasing demand from suppliers for 3D CAD data, led Nomique to the Advanced Engineering Cluster Centre at the University of Wolverhampton’s Innovative Product Development Centre. Here the team provided a demonstration of the potential benefits of 3D CAD and rapid prototyping techniques, with impartial advice on the selection of the CAD package best suited to Nomique’s needs, by collaborating with the company in the development of a headrest clamp for a new chair.

The outcome

Utilising 3D CAD techniques to design and develop the headrest clamp offered Nomique the capabilities to:

produce high-quality visualisations of the product prior to manufacturing;

explore more design options and make modifications quickly;

identify and resolve problems at an early stage;

obtain rapid prototypes/castings manufactured in the final material directly from 3D CAD data.

Nomique was delighted with the end results – a shorter lead time for the introduction of a new product, an improvement in product quality and a reduction in costs. The company plans to establish in-house 3D CAD facilities as part of its business growth strategy.


The new chairs provided Nomique with additional turnover of £278,000 and contributed to the creation of four new jobs at the company, safeguarding two others.

“Support from the AEC has been invaluable in helping adopt the new technology we need to take the business forward. We’re looking forward to continuing the relationship in the future as we create further design and development projects.”

Phil Timmins, Operations Director