Sirane – shaping the future of packaging

The University of Wolverhampton has helped packaging development company Sirane Ltd since its inception, providing access to expertise in the testing of materials and establishing a product development strategy to grow its business and build the brand.

Founded in 2003 by two of its directors with the aim of providing a new level of service and innovation to the packaging industry, Sirane is now a £7 million plus turnover enterprise, employs over ninety people and, in 2008, moved into a new manufacturing facility, its European Development Centre, in Telford.

Sirane combines manufacturing with product development and likes to work alongside its customers so that products are continually improved – to both perform better and save customers’ money. New products are constantly under development, including those for the food packaging, medical, household, veterinary, pet accessory and direct retail markets.

For instance, the company’s third year of operation in the food packaging and processing industry saw the successful development and launch of over 10 new products and in November 2005 Sirane was highly commended in the Lord Stafford Awards Development in Innovation category for its novel knot-tying machine. Having developed an innovative chicken-roasting bag to be sold to packers of uncooked chicken, Sirane realised that a device was needed to close the bag around the feet of the chicken and took advantage of the direct metal laser sintering facilities in the University of Wolverhampton’s Department of Engineering and Technology to develop and test a rapid prototype for demonstration to a potential major customer.

Sirane Director Simon Balderson says “We’ve appreciated the unconditional support via the University of Wolverhampton in a number of areas and it helps greatly that there is no agenda other than to help your business. Creating and nurturing some in-depth technical and commercial relationships within the region is not only good for the region but good for our business. The University not only helped us with scientific and technical networking but also introduced us to full blown commercial contacts – for trials and also for business.”

Sirane has recently launched a revolutionary range of biodegradable and biocompostable absorbent meat pads, “Resolve”, approved by ASDA (Walmart) and set for widespread uptake throughout the UK supermarketing industries and beyond.

Autumn 2007 saw Sirane exhibiting as the UK's premier packaging solutions company at the Worldwide Food Expo 07 in Chicago, USA, leading the food packaging debate at the Packaging News London seminar and taking part in the 2nd European Bioplastics Conference in Paris.

“Our role in explaining and developing new packaging for new needs is in demand” continues Simon. “We have been looking to develop our business geographically and feel it's the right time for us to expand. Enquiries and interest in the USA, for example, are such we intend setting up a Sirane manufacturing site to service it.”