Client Q LEAP Ltd

The Entrepreneur with the idea had no knowledge of how to design and develop the product He has formed this company to specifically develop security products for the Holiday market.

Critical Issue

Design and Development of the “Pluto” product with an aim to help the product get manufactured and into the market.

What we did

Qleap and polymer Cluster team have formed a close working relationship, where we helped with the process of evaluating, testing and the development of the Safe box for the beach and poolside tables “Pluto” as wall as assisting with input into the business plan and the Manufacturing of the product. This was made possible with the aid of the expertise within the Warwick Manufacturing Group support under the Polymer Cluster Programme.


Qleap is now presenting there product to a number of hotel chains in the U.K and abroad, they are getting a huge interest and are now taking orders. They will also be assisted by the support in putting some of their products into the real world for further tests and to gain customer awareness they will also be looking to Warwick Manufacturing Group to endorse and help promote their product.

More information

The support and development programme is on going, to date the work has shown that the product is of need and will have a big demand as the benefits to the holiday industry are great through a reduction in the crime on the beach and poolside.