Quest 88 Ltd

Aston Street


Shropshire TF11 8DW

Established in 1988, Quest 88 Ltd is recognised in the healthcare market as a leader in the design and development of activity-based products for all ages and is proud of its reputation for making a difference to the quality of people’s lives.

The company’s products are all promoted specifically for their therapeutic benefits and major customers include Primary and Healthcare Trusts, Local Education Authorities and Social Services Departments as well as private sector organisations.

The brief

The ‘Kaye Walker TM’ works at different levels and can be used as a gait training tool and also as an everyday mobility aid. It helps those with walking difficulties by providing assistance whilst promoting good posture. Quest 88 wanted to redesign the hip support feature on this product, both to reduce cost and make it easier to adjust and clean.

Quest 88 approached the Advanced Engineering Cluster and the team at the University of Wolverhampton’s Innovative Product Development Centre (IPDC) who then worked with the company to explore and evaluate different approaches to the redesign of the product. Project activities ranged from concept generation through 3D CAD modelling to the production of a prototype bending tool, using the 5-axis CNC and wire erosion machines within IPDC.

The outcome

Many of Quest 88’s products involve tube construction and the company already has in-house equipment for bending metal tubes. Following testing of the prototype, the company was able to refine the design of the product and utilise its in-house capabilities for production.


The new design provides Quest 88 with a number of benefits:

greater adaptability in design;

more control over the production process;

assembly time and cost is reduced;

less energy is used in the forming and assembly processes;

the product is easier to clean.

“The Advanced Engineering Cluster has helped us explore different approaches to redesigning an important product feature. The use of the IPDC workshop facilities to produce the prototype bending tool was particularly beneficial – without this support it would have been difficult for us to justify the cost of this tool. We’re looking forward to further collaboration on future projects.”

Tony Smart, Designer