Pyroplex, part of the Reddiplex Group

A West Midlands company believes in adding value to its products in as many ways as possible to compete successfully in today’s marketplace. The Reddiplex Group of Droitwich has been operating in the plastics and rubber extrusion industry for over 35 years, manufacturing extrusions for a wide range of market sectors and working with an extensive range of materials.

Research and Development Director Mike Newey is driving the move towards more technically advanced products and streamlined operations. With the help of the Telford-based Polymer Cluster, a fully funded training programme has been provided through PTL, the polymer training organisation, to raise skills and knowledge levels in production.

“The training was designed to enable employees to develop both their analytical skills in quickly detecting a problem and their expertise in solving it. The result is increased efficiency”, says Mike Newey.

Another company in the Reddiplex Group is developing new, technically advanced materials for new products that can be manufactured economically in the UK. Pyroplex Ltd. designs and manufactures passive fire protection products for the construction industry worldwide, has wide experience in technical extrusion and a commitment to the research and development of innovative new products.

The Polymer Cluster is assisting Pyroplex in its development of new materials and providing access to the testing services of Warrington Fire Global Safety, one of the world's leading independent fire safety organisations. “We intend to continue to guarantee our customers quality products and reliable service”, says Mike Newey.

“The Reddiplex Group has always worked on collaborative projects with a number of international customers and polymer manufacturers to pave the way for new developments in a number of markets. We see this as a key part of our strategy for the future.”

Funded by Advantage West Midlands and the European Regional Development Fund, the Polymer Cluster is a Wolverhampton Telford Technology Corridor project. For further information please contact

Wolverhampton Telford Technology Corridor (WTTC) is one of three high technology corridors in the West Midlands, established to accelerate the modernisation and diversification of the region’s economy, stimulate new enterprise and attract new investment.

WTTC’s overall aims are to encourage technology-led innovation, increase the competitiveness of existing companies and provide support for new business start-ups. Through a team of experts, WTTC’s Advanced Engineering and Polymer Cluster Centres offer access to packages of FREE, specialist, practical support and collaborative opportunities to eligible companies.

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