Reeds Carpets Ltd


West Midlands


Reeds Carpets is the UK's largest independent exhibition floor-covering company with over 20 years of unrivalled experience contracted to a wide variety of venues and events and a large supply only distribution. Dedicated to investment in new technology and new product development, the company is committed to offering the best products available from manufacturers worldwide.


“Being aware of future disposal restrictions we were seeking new process and technical support to establish the potential for recycling. Polymer Cluster assistance has enabled us to move forward quickly, providing us with the benefit of the specialist resources within the Warwick Manufacturing Group.”

Malcolm Hickin, Director, Reeds Carpet Ltd.

The opportunity

To launch a revolutionary, fully recyclable carpet system.

To contribute to environmental savings on the estimated 12 million square metres of carpet that the exhibition and events industry currently dumps every year, much of it ending up in landfill.

Polymer Cluster actions

Provided the services of the Warwick Manufacturing Group to help develop and test the material for a new carpet system, EVO-RIB, a specialist cord carpet made of polypropylene, which can be converted into mouldable plastic pellets after use.

The Polymer Cluster team also assisted in the fine tuning of the manufacturing process, helped to build a dedicated team for the project and researched new applications for the recycled material.

The benefits

Using the EVO-RIB carpet system, post-show wastage is minimised and landfill charges kept down.

The recycled pellets can be used to make almost anything from construction components, barricades and shipping pallets to waste bins, buckets, storage boxes and plant pots.

The Polymer Cluster’s Project Engineer at Warwick Manufacturing Group is also looking at ways in which the end product could be used for heat and cold insulations, for example by charities working in disaster areas.

Key highlights

The introduction of a fully recyclable carpet is the culmination of three years research, with the EVO-RIB system being trialled at events including the Clothes Show Live, Autosport and the 2007 London Marathon.

The British Pig and Poultry Fair 2008 at Stoneleigh Park is to be the first show in the UK from which all the carpeting will be recycled.

Additional Outcomes

Reeds have set up a new, 26,000 sq. ft. carpet recycling plant in Coventry, with an investment in plant and equipment worth £700,000. Apart from being able to recover a large quantity of carpet waste that would otherwise go into landfill, this has created six full time jobs and is potentially the first successful carpet recycling venture in the UK.

The new recycling plant started production at the beginning of May 2007 and the recycled material is now on the market.

Reeds Carpets is the winner of the Exhibition News 2007 Green Award.

Association of Exhibition Organisers Environmental Sustainability 2007 Award.