Ansa Door Systems Ltd

Ansa Door Systems in Dudley launches a new product in quick time thanks to rapid prototype technology from the West Midlands Technology Network (WMTN) and the University of Wolverhampton’s Innovative Product Development Centre (IPDC).

Ansa Door Systems Ltd was established in 2003 by Steve Pincher who has over 23 years design experience in the garage door industry. The company design and develop a range of remote control units for roller garage doors for the garage door industry. Originally planning to only design the units, the company has expanded its operations to include on-site assembly and distribution of the product supplying three of the UK’s top five garage door companies.

Whilst the company’s products are currently only used for roller garage doors, they could potentially be extended to other products. Ansa has been designing enhanced versions of their core product, alongside a number of European companies. Some of their key supplier partnerships include Sony UK Technology, Pepperl and Fuchs.

The Problem

Ansa had designed a new product called the Isobar, which is a micro-switch operated safety system for aluminium roller doors. They needed to develop an injection moulding tool but this would cost £12,000 to develop a prototype. As a young growing business the company did not have the financial resources to develop this prototype.

The Solution

Through the WMTN, the IPDC undertook rapid prototyping of the product design to help Ansa save money and ensure that the product was ready for market. As the product design stage was already finalised, the prototype work was completed quickly with the project completed within a couple of weeks.

The Results

The new product has been successfully launched and has contributed to the safeguarding of jobs within Ansa, increased the company’s turnover and potentially increased their future market share.

Steve Pincher, MD of Ansa said: “The IPDC was great to work with – we found its assistance invaluable which has led to an increase in sales and job opportunities within the company. We’re looking forward to further growth in the future.”