Contour Casings Ltd

Telford, Shropshire

Contour Casings is a young business manufacturing radiator covers that are used in hospitals, schools and care homes. It was the first company to use anti-microbial products and is now a leader in its niche markets.

The Brief

As a rapidly growing business, Contour Casings lacked sufficient financial resources to invest in the research and development required to modify the radiator casings to improve heat efficient and reduce costs.

The Outcome

Through funding via the West Midlands Technology Network (WMTN) scheme, the department team modelled a radiator cover that would improve thermal properties. Different product features were considered and prototypes were developed for full testing. 3D CAD models of the products were produced for styling and manufacturing, enabling Contour Casings to obtain customer feedback without the need for costly prototypes.


The development of the innovative product has generated sales of up to £1 million, created 12 new jobs and safeguarded 2 jobs.

Contour Basings MD Leigh Simpson said “We’ve had access to technology and expertise that small companies can’t normally afford.