Wrap Film Systems Ltd

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Wrap Film Systems Ltd aims to launch an innovative new product in 2004, having spotted an opportunity to break into a new market. The Telford firm is a leading supplier of cling film and aluminium foil products, traditionally to the catering and hospitality industry. The Polymer Cluster is helping Wrap Film Systems bring to market a new consumer dispenser for clingfilm and foil.

The new dispenser is more robust and easier to use than the traditional cardboard versions that often collapse and is still disposable after use. Larger quantities of film can be bought and dispensed more easily and safely with this new product.

The Polymer Cluster has helped Wrap Film in a number of ways with this innovative new product, initially by providing assistance with the fine-tuning of the original design and by testing both the dispenser and the actual films to be used.

The company will manufacture the dispenser themselves and have imported a hot knife cutter from Austria, which gives a burr-free cut. The Polymer Cluster team is also helping Wrap Film investigate the future possibility of developing a second production line using special laser-cutting equipment, and will support them in other areas including factory layouts and simulation, setting up the technology line, sourcing special cutting equipment and providing training for staff.

Neil Thomas, the Operations Director, felt the company needed to move into a new area and bring something innovative onto the market. “We are a small company and we have not got the resources, so it’s important for us to network” he said. “We would not have been able to find the specialist laser device firm without the help of the Polymer Cluster. This will allow us bring something on to the market with a point of difference.”

A number of new jobs will be created as a result of Wrap Film’s entrepreneurial idea.