Void Physical Theatre

Void Physical Theatre was established in 2007. After graduating from the University of Wolverhampton Paul Atkins, Rebecca Ball, Adam Day and James Latham made the decision to set up their own theatre company that specialised in the physical theatre genre in which they studied and had a great passion for. The company is a Limited Liability Partnership and all partners run a certain sector within the business. James Latham is the Company Director, Rebecca Ball manages the Education sector, Paul Atkins is the Marketing Manager and Adam Day runs Production.

The partners have jobs outside the company ranging from teaching to personal relations. This is essential to fund and secure Void’s future projects. Since 2007 the company have produced two professional productions, toured nationally, performed at arts festivals and have worked with an array of schools, colleges, universities, youth clubs and youth theatre schemes. Their objectives as a company include producing works that are intellectually stimulating, working with the community and educating in the genre of physical theatre.

“Since we began almost two years ago our company has gone from strength to strength. I would be lying if I said that setting up a company was easy. It takes time, hard work and determination to secure yourself a place in the arts or any business related field but it’s not impossible as long as your one hundred percent committed”. – James Latham, Company Director, Void Physical Theatre

Void Physical Theatre now run an internship programme which supplies students, graduates and professional performers with the experience of working within a professional theatre environment.