Student: Peter Marezana

Business: Excelsior Events

University: University of Worcester

The 2010 SPEEDWM intake includes 3rd year Business student Peter Marezana, the founder of Excelsior Events.

Peter began the programme with an enthusiastic and ambitious attitude and a keen desire to develop a successful business. Excelsior Events is a fledgling enterprise, so SPEEDWM is essential support for the company’s progression.

A clear obstacle for Excelsior Events is the availability of capital. Event management requires significant outlays and as Peter explains, ‘finance remains paramount to leveling the playing field.’ This means SPEEDWM is “instrumental to Excelsior's early stages of development’

Peter describes the relevance of SPEEDWM funding to his business by stating that ‘the funding will enable me to purchase vital equipment and provide a tangible boost towards being able to compete within the events sector.’

Peter doesn’t underestimate the continued importance of the business training offered by SPEEDWM, he comments that he will ‘benefit from the experience of the course mentors’ and intends to apply the practices and techniques discussed throughout the workshops.

With support from SPEEDWM, Peter envisages Excelsior Events ‘commanding a significant share of the events market in Worcestershire’ over the next 5 years. 

Peter’s determination coupled with the guidance and funding offered by SPEEDWM creates a formula for entrepreneurial success. This blend of factors demonstrates the vital role that SPEEDWM plays in the development of young businesses.