Student: Sara Fenn

Business: Urban Mind

University: University of Worcester

Sara joined the SPEEDWM programme in January 2009 as a 3rd year Art and Design student eager to apply her newly acquired skills and knowledge in a commercial environment.

Urban Mind was born with the desire to ‘bridge the gap between the creative and the technical’. A company able to design innovative corporate branding solutions and produce website build packages.

On reflection Sara describes how ‘the SPEEDWM placement was essential in the development of Urban Mind.’ ‘I have found SPEEDWM to be extremely supportive and motivating and with such an enthusiastic team of people on board, you are made to feel that you and your business are most important’.

Sara’s careful use of funding demonstrates the importance of the SPEEDWM funding allowance. For example, having encountered problems with client agreements, Sara could quickly utilise SPEEDWM funding to help draw up a strong set of terms and conditions. This established clarity and transparency for future projects.

Through the SPEEDWM workshops, Sara recognised the significance of effective networking and communication. The knowledge and techniques provided have developed these skills and were invaluable in expanding Urban Mind’s client base.

Sara concludes: ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed SPEEDWM and it has met my high expectations. I am now confident about my business, myself and my future.’

Sara is now continuing Urban Mind’s rapid development through the Enterprise Fellowship Scheme.