James Fern

Taking a work based placement was probably the best decision I made throughout University. As I was on an IT degree, the placement was optional. I realised that whilst my course provided me with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience was missing from my skill set. Having a year in industry allowed me to gain vital new skills and enabled me to put into practice skills I had gained throughout University.

I spent a year working for the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. This was a great learning experience, and one I found thoroughly enjoyable. I learnt a lot about networking and servers (things which weren't part of my course) and was given a great deal of freedom with the Organisations website. It was also useful to experience a real working enviro0nment and respond to the demands of the systems users.

I would definitely recommend a placement to anyone, and would honestly say I learnt as much from a year at Ironbridge as I did during the rest of my course.

James Ferns

Graduate IT award