The School has a proven track record for collaborative projects with industry, including those for research and development. We have the capacity, facilities and expertise to support activities of national significance. Here's a small sample of our current ventures.

Productive partnerships with the aerospace industry

We have been involved with valuable research relevant to the aerospace industry. Our collaboration with HS-Marston Ltd in Wolverhampton, part of the United Technologies Group, involves developing computer models to understand the complex flow of fluids and gases through heat exchangers, which provide cooling for vital parts of aero-engines. The University has a large range of modelling software which is used for Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of aerospace problems and related manufacturing issues.

Through this research we are developing the next generation of devices to meet the needs of major engine manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce. The goals are to increase performance and reduce energy usage, thus improving efficiency and lowering costs and environmental impact.

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Protecting information infrastructures

Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (WARP) is a UK Government IT security initiative. In 2007, the University collaborated with West Midlands Police and councils in the region to create a WARP for local government. The WARP operator searches numerous relevant, trusted sources of information on a daily basis, saving the WARP member valuable time, effort and money.

WARP was initially offered as a free-trial and has evolved into a network to which the majority of councils in the West Midlands subscribe. The University has since become partners with councils in the East Midlands and employers in the South East to provide WARPs for the public sector in those regions. This success is driving further initiatives to develop WARPs for other sectors including health and small businesses.

One of the problems with IT Security is that people often don't know who to talk to. WARP organises regular private member meetings where information security incidents and best practice can be discussed in a safe environment.

"West Midlands WARP is easily the most useful network that I am involved with"
Colin Penhallow, Project Leader (Internet and eGovernment), Wyre Forest District Council

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